August 20, 2020

Gmail Down, Gdrive down, Google Meet Down- What do You Need To Know About Google Outage?

By editor1


  • Users tweet about Gmail down along with other Google services.
  • Google has updated the status page of G Suite to inform about the problem.
  • The issue has affected users all over the globe.

Today’s morning has started with a new update regarding the outage of Google services like Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive, and several others. This has caused a global impact on users. There are numerous users, across the globe, who are reporting about Gmail issues today. The updates about the Gmail outage are all over social media. People are facing problems in sending emails and coming across issues while uploading the files on the drive. In addition to this, there are Gmail sync issues and connectivity problems too, while working on Google Meet and Google Docs. Google has started its investigation on the matter and the specific details are yet to come.

One question is flashing in all the updates on social media platforms, Is Gmail down today? The answer is yes. There are numerous posts on twitter in which users are reporting about Gmail issues that they are facing:

  • A number of users are facing problem in accessing their Gmail emails.
  • Some are reporting about the difficulty in uploading the attachments to the emails as well as Google Drive.
  • The tweets about the Gmail sync issue can also be seen.
  • Connectivity issues with Google Meet and Google Docs are also there.
  •  Hashtag #Gmail is trending all over the internet.

In the morning at around 9:30 am IST, numerous reports about Gmail outage started flowing on the internet. The reports were not from some specific regions. The Gmail outage issue has affected the user in several parts of the world including the US, Malaysia, Japan, India, and Australia as well.

The status of the G Suite dashboard has now been updated which informs about the globally down Google services such as Gmail, Google Docs, Google, Meet, and Google Drive.

Google has not made any public announcement until now. The company has yet to make an official announcement relating to the problems faced by the users due to Gmail outage, apart from updates on G Suite Status Dashboard.

Quick Fix If You’re Not Able To Send Gmail Attachments

Quick turnaround if you need to send an attachment urgently, use the HTML version of Gmail (the older version), and hopefully it should work as we tried it with some of our team members’ accounts and it worked for us.

It is seen that the issue with all the other Google services arose around the same time when the Gmail down issue emerged. This suggests that there could be some problems with the Google cloud. We are all waiting for the official announcement from Google to know the core reason behind this outage. So, let’s see what happens now. It will also be interesting to see in time to come if advent and introduction to 5G services be able to avert these kinds of issues.