August 8, 2020

Why 5G Is Important? A Look Into The Need Of 5G And 5G Uses

By editor1

Wireless technology has become an important part of our daily life. We can easily get access to any information we need on the go and through this, wireless communication has assisted in the development and advancement of businesses in almost every sector across the world. So, what the new generation of mobile network i.e. 5G, will bring to us? How 5G benefits us?  Why 5G is Important? What is the need of 5G? What are the uses of 5G? Today we are going to answer all these questions.

The fourth industrial revolution is in its infant stage and it is believed that the 5G has an important role to play in it. It is also suggested that 5G will change the world, not just because of its ultra-fast speed, but because it has got the potential that can benefit the whole economy and change the lives of people across the globe. So, let’s see why 5G is important for us, and what are its needs and uses?

Why There Is A Need Of 5G Technology If We Already Have 4G?

We are currently using 4G LTE (long-term evolution) which is the fastest form of the fourth-generation mobile network. It is fast enough that we can easily do video conferencing as well as movie streaming without any type of delay, which was not possible in the case of 3G.

Now, the usage of mobile devices has increased which has resulted in the consumption of more and more data. Our mobile devices connect to the networks by using the same band of radio frequencies that have always been used by cellphone carriers. The increase in load on the spectrum ends up slowing down the connection of the users. The congestion in the spectrum of mobile communication unable the current networks to meet the need of data of all the users. When there is heavy usage of data, the user experiences

  • slow internet speed,
  • instability in connection,
  • unwanted delays,
  • and even the loss of service.

Such a delay can be annoying when you are watching a movie and it suddenly freezes. It can also be very fatal when there is some delay in a life-threatening transmission to the first responders in the case of an emergency.

Hence, to cope with the lack of bandwidth as well as space and to cater to the increasing data needs of users, the 5G companies and 5G networks are looking forward to making use of mmWave (millimeter wave) for 5G. The use of a 5G high-frequency spectrum helps in carrying a large amount of data at an ultra-fast 5G speed with negligible 5G latency. 5G works on mmWaves and for that, we need 5G smartphones. This is the reason why there is a need of 5G and this is what makes 5G better than 4G.

The Importance And Uses Of 5G

High speed, low latency, and consistent connectivity are the prime features that are increasing the importance of 5G. These features are opening doors for improvement in existing applications as well as services and creating new business opportunities as well. There are several uses of 5G which includes:

  • Improvement In Broadband: The shift from 4G to 5G will change the way we interact using technology and that is necessary too. Most of the 4G LTE Networks are out of LTE capacity in dense urban areas. This causes a slow connection during busy hours. By using 5G technology, a massive spectrum will be added in the bands which have never been used for the broadband purpose previously. This will provide high speed, large capacity, and better connectivity for people and will make significant advancement in Virtual Reality (VR), 3D holograms, as well as Augmented Reality (AR). When it comes to broadband, the adversaries can easily hack it and compromise sensitive information. So, Cyber News Box and My Cyber Pizza can help you learn the security measure for broadband safety.  
  • Autonomous Driving Vehicle: The vehicle to vehicle communication will now be possible through 5G. One car can provide information to another car about the road conditions up ahead, and can even communicate performance information to the automakers as well as drivers. If a car applies brakes then this information would be passed to your car and it will apply brake preemptively for avoiding a collision.
  • Improvement In Public Safety And Infrastructure: Through 5G, remote handling of surveillance cameras will be possible. The use of smart sensors will also be possible that can help notify the department concerned whenever any drain floods or streetlight malfunctions.
  • Remote Control Of Devices: Low latency of 5G makes it possible to work through machines remotely while working in any hazardous environment. The technicians with specialized skills can operate the machinery sitting in any corner of the world.
  • Health Care: 5G’s ultra-reliable low latency communication (URLLC) will completely change the health care industry. Using this, there will be an improvement in:
    • Telemedicine,
    • Physical therapy via AR,
    • Remote surgery,
    • Creation of sensors for tracking patient’s health, etc.
  • Internet of Things (IoT): The fast speed and low latency of 5g will make a smooth massive machine to machine communication possible that will allow sensors and smart devices to communicate with each other without human intervention. This will completely revolutionize the existing industrial applications as well as processes.