August 10, 2020

How 5G Will Change The World? Stepping Into The New Age Of Wireless Networking

By editor1

It’s been around a decade since 5G is under development process. Lots of anticipation about the fifth-generation of wireless networks has been made over all these years. But, all the hype that has been created for so long is now becoming a reality as the 5G technology is being rolled out. It is suggested that 5G will change the world drastically as it has got the potential to make the idea of a fully connected world come true. So, let’s see how 5G technology will change our lives?

5G is not just about downloading movies within seconds or transferring data within a blink of an eye. This new technology of 5G will change the world and will create a massive ecosystem of connected devices. The idea of a connected world will now be a reality in which a large amount of data can be harvested that will completely change our life and work environment.

If we compare 5G vs 4G, then the 5G speed is ten times faster than its predecessor and the latency is almost negligible. This ability of 5G can link a large number of people to the 5G network and provide a seamless consistent connection. We can say that 5G companies will pave the path for intelligent communication infrastructure and speed up the development process of emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, etc. Additionally, we are in need of 5G as 5G can create new business opportunities. So, let’s learn in detail how 5G will start a new age of wireless networking by changing the world.

Internet of Things (IoT)-  The Idea Of Billions Of Connected Devices

One of the major purposes behind 5G technology development is to enable mass connectivity and it is now suggested that the 5G network has the potential that it can connect a million devices/ sq. km. Through this idea, we can draw a picture of a massive number of devices as well as sensors collecting, transmitting, as well as sharing data at a single time. If we believe the prediction of Prof. Tafazolli then he predicts that in the future, there will be around a thousand sensors surrounding every person of the world. More use of IoT sensor calls for more cybersecurity measures which can be studied from Cyber News Box and My Cyber Pizza. The idea of the hyper-connected world through 5G has even given rise to concepts of:

  • Smart Cities: The concept of smart cities is now on the verge of becoming a truth with the use of 5G. Through this advancement in wireless networking, the cities will be able to handle data of millions of sensors and IoT devices that will optimize every operation of the cities as there will be sensors for:
    • Cameras,
    • Tracking the movement of traffic as well as pedestrians,
    • Emergency services,
    • Environmental conditions,
    • Utility services, etc.


  • The smart lighting systems that dim automatically when no one is nearby to save energy,
  • The smart streetlights with sensors for air quality monitoring,
  • Sensors for redirecting water flow when sewer floods,
  • Smart gunshot detecting sensors to track criminal activity etc. will all be possible using 5G networks.
  • Autonomous Vehicles: Almost 95% of the traffic accidents are due to human errors, says the National Highway Traffic Administration. But, the 5G network will change the vehicles into driverless data centers on wheels. The vehicles will communicate with nearby cars to prevent accidents. For navigating safely, the car will share and transmit data to sensors embedded in pavements, traffic lights, as well as road signs. All this would be possible because of low 5G latency.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)- Machine Make Its Own Decisions

With the emergence of 5G, we are at a point where 5G would enable machine learning. There will be a combined working of 5G technology, AI, and IoT. For example, with the use of 5G speed and latency, in a factory, the IoT devices would be able to communicate information to each other smoothly and through AI, they could take decisions regarding ordering spare parts in advance, or monitoring their own health, or reduce system downtime. In the health care sector also, 5G paired with AI can enable the IoT machines to monitor and track the health of the patients.

Extended Reality: AR and VR Goes To Next-Level

With the massive connectivity and high response rate, 5G would be able to speed up the development process of AR and VR. For example, it would now be possible to create full-sized 3D holograms just like marvel movies. Imagine watching a football match like you are sitting in a stadium using the VR headset or operating a patient remotely using virtual twin robotics, VR headset, and haptic glove. All this would now be possible using 5G.

Blockchain: The Cryptocurrency Ledger Technology In Your Hand

By pairing 5G and Blockchain, the companies can create blockchain-ready 5G smartphones through which you can authenticate cryptocurrency transactional records from just a click. Through this combination, we can turn mobile devices into smaller clouds to reduce the dependency on centralized cloud systems like Amazon Cloud or Apple cloud.

The potential of 5G is revolutionary and there can be other unexpected ways, that we are yet to discover, through which 5G will change the world.