August 26, 2020

Google Pixel 5 And Pixel 4A 5G Leaks- The Leak Weekend

By editor1

Last weekend turned out to be a leak weekend as Google Pixel 5 and Pixel 4A 5G leaks are spreading all over the internet. Let’s take a look at all these leaks.

 Google recently released its Pixel 4A in the market. With the release, the company also admitted that it will be releasing two of its 5G phones by coming fall. A teaser picture of the upcoming phones, Pixel 5 and Pixel 4A 5G was also released by the company. With Google’s announcement, some leaks about the upcoming phones are coming out on the internet. So, let’s take a look at these Google Pixel 5 And Pixel 4A leaks.

Leaks At Android Central

Last Friday, our folks at Android central posted about some partial specifications of the upcoming Google Pixel 5. The specification list suggested that:

  • Pixel 5 will come with a 6 inches display. We can say that the company has picked a middle ground between the last year released Pixel 4 and 4 XL.
  • The display resolution details were not in detail, but it was posted that the phone can offer a 90 Hz refresh rate along with the use of an OLED panel.
  • As far as the cameras are concerned, there can be a dual-camera setup. One camera will be the standard shooter camera which will be paired with an ultra-wide-angle lens instead of using a telephoto lens.
  • In addition to this, according to the post, the Pixel 5 will be powered by Snapdragon 765G processor. Most of us have already been expecting the process upgrade from the company.
  • In the RAM department, the phone can come with 8 GB of RAM which is a good upgrade from last year’s Pixel 4.
  • There is a rumor about 128 GB of storage space too.
  • There is also a partial leak about Pixel 5 charging as well as battery specs. According to the leak, there will be wireless charging with 15 W input along with 5 W reverse wireless charging capability. The is no such details about battery capacity, although the post says that it will be considerably large in comparison to the Pixel 4.
  • Previously, there were rumors that Pixel 5 may come equipped with a 3080 mAh battery. But, this report also put this rumor to rest as it was written that the rumor is “entirely false”.

There is still a lot to know about Pixel 5, but these partial specs have given us some glimpse of the upcoming Google’s phone.

Google Pixel 5 And Pixel 4A 5g Leaks By An Unknown Redditor

With all the leaks coming out about the Pixel phones, we have a lot on our plate. After the partial specs leak at Android Central, we are now treated with a live photo of the Google Pixel 5 and Pixel 4A 5G phones by an anonymous Redditor. The post included some of the specs of the phones too. Later on, the post was deleted but we were able to get our hands on the image and specs mentioned in the post.

You can see the leaked picture of the phones in our post’s featured image. The picture shows two phones with the familiar Google’s square camera array along with Google’s logo and a fingerprint sensor. It was suggested that the white color larger phone on the right-hand side is the Pixel 4A 5G. Google has already told about its cost which will be around $499. But this phone will be much more affordable than Pixel 5. One the left-hand side in the picture, there is Pixel 5 which has got a textured look and is expected to have better features than Pixel 4A 5G.

The anonymous Redditor also shared some of the specs of the phones which almost match with the previous leak at Android Central:

Pixel 5

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor.
  • 8 GB RAM.
  • 12.2 MP main camera with a 0.5x ultra-wide-angle lens.
  • 8 MP front camera.
  • Display with a 90 Hz refresh rate.
  • 4,000 mAh Battery.
  • Plastic back.
  • 3.5 mm headphone jack is not available.
  • Physical fingerprint scanner on the backside.

Pixel 4A 5G

  • Display with a 60 Hz refresh rate.
  • Snapdragon 765G processor.
  • 6 GB RAM.
  • 12.2 MP primary camera with ultra-wide-angle lens.
  • 8 MP front camera.
  • 3.5 mm headphone jack is available.
  • 3800 mAh battery.
  • Plastic body.
  • Rear fingerprint reader.

With all these Google Pixel 5 and Pixel 4A 5G leaks, we can clearly say that Google is now crafting a line-up of 5G smartphones that can fit into a tight budget. With all these amazing specs, the phones can turn out to be a magnificent launch in the coming months. Also, make sure that you learn about cybersecurity protective measures and tactics to safeguard your phone from adversaries.