August 24, 2020

Google Pixel 4A, Pixel 5 And Pixel 4A 5G Announcements, All Together At Once

By editor1

Google is launching its new Pixel phones, but, surprisingly, the announcements relating to all the three phones are all together at once. One is out and two are coming this fall.

After the official launch of Google Pixel 4A, the company has admitted that its two more phones are yet to come which are going to release around the same time. The company even released a teaser image which we have shared in this post. The Pixel 4A is not 5G compatible, but the other two phones will definitely support 5G technology. So, let’s learn about the announcement relating to the new Google 5G phones.

Announcement by Google

With the announcement regarding the launch of Google Pixel 4A, which will cost $349, the company also made announcements relating to Pixel 5 and Pixel 4A 5G which will be 5G compatible (including the compatibility with US 5G networks).

If we state it clearly, then Google is admitting that sometimes this fall, the company will also be launching two of its phones which will be compatible with 5G technology. The company is doing so because it has become necessary as the Pixel 4A launch has already been delayed. The reason which kept the phone off the shelves of the virtual stores is the current going pandemic crisis.

With the launch of Pixel 4A, we all know everything about the phone specs. But, the company is keeping the details about Pixel 5 and Pixel 4A 5G under the wraps.

With the announcement, Google has also released a teaser image and we can glean a few things out of it. It looks like the larger one on the right side is Pixel 4A 5G and the sparkly one on the left side is assumed to be Pixel 5.

Other than giving hints about the release and 5G support of its new phones, Google has also told about the countries which will be getting both the phones which includes the US (with compatibility with US 5G networks), UK, Canada, France, Japan, Ireland, Germany, Australia, and Taiwan.

Brian Rakowski who is Google’s VP of Product management also pointed out that the company will share some more details about the upcoming devices and also about their approach to 5G in the coming months.

The Idea Behind Launching All the Three Phones At Once

Google usually has a habit of tweeting out everything about the phones. The company is not one of those who act like no new phones are coming in the near future. Take last year’s instance, when Google responded to the rumor stories about Pixel 4 by tweeting the official photo of the phone.

But, this year, the story is a bit different, which seems to be affected by the push of the carriers in favor of 5G smartphones. Rakowski, in his post, made it clear that the company will be releasing 5G version of the Pixel 4A whose cost will be around $499. A $150 jump, just for 5G technology seems quite steep. But there are various leaks and rumors out there which says that there will be an addition of some amazing feature in the phone too, other than 5G network compatibility, like OLED display and second camera lens.

The Pixel 4A is not a 5G phone and it seems that most of the US carriers don’t have much of the appetite for non-5G phones currently. In our view, the company has announced all three phones together as a face-saving measure. The 4A will not be getting the support of most of the US 5G carriers and the announcement of the other two 5G phones, i.e. Pixel 5 and Pixel 4A 5G, will save it from a negative hit.

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